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    How can i succeed as a forex trader?

    The forex market is accessible and educational, this makes it easy and exciting for anyone who has the unending desire and patience to constantly trade the market and gain the extra skills and experience they need to be successful. However, many traders feel trapped at the beginning and even feel more frustrating when they come to know that forex trading is not a 'get a rich quick game' and they get discouraged and finally quit. Most traders turn to find themselves feeding on cumbersome, irrelevant material online which will only distract you from succeeding. The key isn't to know every strategy or indicator or tool but it is to know that which works,practice it and stick to it.

  • 07jan,2018

    Are you trading or Gambling on the forex market?

    What is forex Gambling and what is it all about?

    Well FX gambling just like any forex glambing involve guessing with no proof or assurance the dirrection of the market and go ahead and place trades base on this view.People ignorantly but yet confidently do FX gambling and always end up lossing their money on trades.The big question is how will you know if you are gambling or not? how can you tell if your losses results from gamble trades or just inappropate market moves?

  • 07jan,2018

    Why have you decided to learn the skill of trading?
    Is your reason good enough to make you withstand the difficulties encountered in the learning jurney?

    They even seem so active within the first few days of learning.They later on lost this anxiety to learn and give up. This could also be your story unless you have a 'life driving' reason why you need to learn and be the best you can be in trading.

Forex trading is risky

we strongly advice that you should know how to trade befor jumping in on the forex market

your funds are at risk