What is Forex

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The need to be Educated

Trading is a business, and you need to be properly educated to be able to make consitent profits

The financial markets have become very accessible to everyone, and because of this, people are always tempted to jump into trading without proper education from a professional academy. It is very true that trading can make you very rich in no time (well, with proper education and skills), as well as lose your trading capital with no knowledge of trading. knowing proper technical analysis constitutes only about 20-30% of long term trading success. The rest 70-80% are made up of crucial trading aspects such as trading psychology, risk management, money management, development of strict personal algorithm, personal trading statistics, correct understanding of "value of money," correct mindset, correct expectations, correct understanding of trading in general and so on..

Can I learn Trading For FREE?

You might be asking yourself, "Why should I pay to learn how to trade?" Can't I just read a book on the internet and grab this concept and begin to trade? Well, there is this picture most forex tutors never paint in the minds of their students. There is a risk of losing all your capital once you engage in trading. We at silentpipsfx believe that trading as a whole has some basic rules that every trader must follow in order to be successful. Remember, the aim isn't just to know how to trade, but how to trade profitably. Only 10% of traders are profitable. This is because they follow these rules, one of which is that you need to put your head in the game. We are not out to teach everyone in the world what trading is about, but we are out to take serious people and turn them into profitable tradders. We charge a fee of 250 dollars to teach you how to become a profitable trader.

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Why You should Learn Trading with us

We have designed a learning program suitable for anybody around the world taking into concideration the problems that one may face in while learning. This makes learning possible for any body in any field of life in any geographical location.

1. Learn any where at anytime

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The first phase of this training is made up of a 30 days course where the lesson of the next day is posted after complition of the previos lesson. This makes it possible to for you to login any where and catch up with the course even with a busy program.

2. Live video classes every weekend

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Video lessons every weekend for a review and to demonstrate practically that which is tought

3. Book a live one on one class

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In a case where you missed a weekend live vidieo class or you dont just undertand something, you have the privelage to book a one on one live class with any availble tutor that will answer your problems.

4. Live trading sessions

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What is the essences of trading if you dont get to trade live?. We carry out routine live training sessions where we will teach you how to create and manage live accounts as well as do analysis, and launch live trades together.

Our Services

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Learn how to trade

We have designed a dynamic learning program to suit everyone. You have the choice to follow our course at your time of choice.

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Trade with our team of experts

You have the opportuinity to analyse and trade with our top best traders thereby learning their trading technique and approach towards the market.You can paticipate in our analysis session.join our telegram channel below to proceed.

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Copy trade signals and alerts

We also provide trade signals or alerts which are trade directives from profesional traders about the market's move. This service is for you that has difficulties or lacks time to analyse the market but yet desire a share in the forex market.


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How can i succeed as a forex trader?

The forex market is accessible and educational, this makes it easy and exciting for anyone who has the unendinng desire and patience to constantly trade the market and gain the extra skills and experience they need to be successfull. However, many traders feel trapped at the begining and even feel more frustrated when they come to know that forex trading is not a 'get rich quick game' and they...

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